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Why Forever Oceans Sustainably Delicious Seafood Is Right For Today’s Restaurant Customer

Deep dive into why consumers are turning to sustainable seafood as their menu choice. Forever Oceans’ Monica San Miguel shares convincing trend data. Explore how this tech-forward company makes it easier for operators to capture the opportunity with a light, buttery-flavored sashimi-grade fish that’s versatile and easy to prepare.

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Monica H. San Miguel
Chief Marketing Officer

Monica H. San Miguel is a food and health industry visionary, digital innovator, author, and thought leader. A nutrition and wellness expert with 20+ years of experience in leadership roles at multi-billion-dollar food brands, Monica has helped launch several entrepreneurial food-tech ventures. Her passion is for creating movements focused on consumer nutrition based on technology.

As the author of Healthy & Colorful Eating Made Fun, Monica founded and serves as CEO of HueTrition, a full-service omni-channel marketing agency that specializes in serving clients at the intersection of technology, health, and wellbeing. Her HueTrition healthy eating mobile app has been featured on the Food Network’s Health Eats, in USA Today, Newswatch, and 360 Magazine in collaboration with Whole Foods and Dole.

Amanda Venezia_NxtGen sq
Amanda Venezia
Co-Founder, CFO, NxtGen Network

A restaurant and hospitality professional for over 15 years, Amanda is currently in her 10th year rocking school lunches as a director in New Hampshire. A wife, mom and Vlogger, Amanda shares her passion for school nutrition by speaking at national conferences and training industry professionals. She’s skilled in front of the house and business operations—but don’t discount her proficiency and creativity in the kitchen! Amanda has won awards including FoodService Director Magazine’s 2019 Rising Star and 2020 New Hampshire’s Top 40 Under Forty.

Forever Oceans is a leading innovator in sustainable seafood and offshore, warm-water aquaculture. Our mission is to create a new way for the world to produce delicious seafood that’s good for people and the planet. We know offshore aquaculture; we know conservation and apply our unique innovations. These include deep-water enclosures where we ocean-raise fish using advanced systems. Our systems ensure operations are efficient, produce fish in the most sustainable way possible, and are supportive of local communities. Forever Oceans was recently named one of America’s most innovative seafood companies by Seafood Source.

Foodservice professionals may request a free sample of Forever Oceans fish.