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Stephanie Lind, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Elohi Strategic Advisors, joins Nation’s Restaurant News to discuss how offering plant-based proteins is an effective strategy for restaurants that want to stay relevant with today’s consumer. Learn how new protein options from mission-driven businesses can help restaurants cut waste, avoid the veto vote, improve profitability and make a positive impact on the earth.

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Elohi Strategic Advisors
Amanda Venezia
Co-Founder, CFO, NxtGen Network

A restaurant and hospitality professional for over 15 years, Amanda is currently in her 10th year rocking school lunches as a director in New Hampshire. A wife, mom and Vlogger, Amanda shares her passion for school nutrition by speaking at national conferences and training industry professionals. She’s skilled in front of the house and business operations—but don’t discount her proficiency and creativity in the kitchen! Amanda has won awards including FoodService Director Magazine’s 2019 Rising Star and 2020 New Hampshire’s Top 40 Under Forty.

Elohi Strategic Advisors
Stephanie Lind
Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Elohi Strategic Advisors

First thing to know about Stephanie: she gets shit done. Prior to founding ESA, Stephanie spent over 25 years working for Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo, Sysco and McDonald’s supply chain partner Havi Logistics. Most recently, Stephanie led global sales initiatives for Impossible Foods.

Elohi Strategic Advisors
Dimitra Rizzi
Chief Executive Officer at Elohi Strategic Advisors

Candid, direct—whatever you call it, Dimitra gives it to you straight. For the last 25 years, Dimitra has a proven track record of C-suite accomplishments in strategy, foodservice sales and retail operations from Wendy’s to Sara Lee to GET Enterprises.

Elohi Strategic Advisors
Andre Menezes
Co-Founder and CEO at Next Gen Foods (Tindle)

Andre’s deep passion for learning, growing businesses and cementing long-lasting, genuine relationships has helped him steer companies to success in a myriad of sectors across three continents. He’s emerged as one of Asia’s plant-based food pioneers, distributing and processing products from leading food techs around the world.

Elohi Strategic Advisors
Terry Byrne
Corporate Executive Chef at Elohi Strategic Advisors

Corporate Executive Chef Terry Byrne was inspired for a career in food from his mother who spent her career in the culinary industry. He honed his craft in the kitchens of many great chefs including Kansas City’s Own Kent Rathbun, Hans Schadler of Colonial Williamsburg, the American Culinary Federation, and CIA greats like Noble Masi and Roland Henin. This culinary foundation led him to a career in country clubs and serving celebrities like Julia Child and the President of the United States.

Elohi Strategic Advisors
Michelle Wolf
Co-Founder and CEO at New Wave Foods

A talented engineer with consumer packaged goods experience at L’Oreal, Michelle is the driving force behind New Wave Foods’ product development and efficient scaling. A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, her work lives at the intersection of her scientific knowledge and her passion for protecting our oceans.

Elohi Strategic Advisors
Shannon Cosentino-Roush
Chief Strategy Officer at Finless Foods

Shannon Cosentino-Roush has worked on sustainable fisheries and ocean policy both nationally and internationally and prides herself on being an intuitive and innovative policy strategist. Now, as the Chief Strategy Officer at Finless Foods, she advocates for 100% plant-based seafood that can really change how the world eats...and support a thriving ocean. As a mission-driven company, Finless Foods has created a first-of-its-kind Impact Board to serve as a brain trust of ocean and sustainable seafood experts. It informs their forward-looking business strategy, from product pipeline to stakeholder engagement.

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