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Stephanie Lind, founder and Chief Business Development Officer of Elohi Strategic Advisors, joins Nation’s Restaurant News to discuss how offering plant-based proteins is an effective strategy for restaurants that want to stay relevant with today’s consumer. Learn how new protein options from mission-driven businesses can help restaurants cut waste, avoid the veto vote, improve profitability and make a positive impact on the earth.

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Amanda Venezia_NxtGen sq
Amanda Venezia
Co-Founder, CFO, NxtGen Network
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8a_StephanieLind_ESA_headshot_2021 600
Stephanie Lind
Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Elohi Strategic Advisors
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Dimitra Rizzi
Chief Executive Officer at Elohi Strategic Advisors
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Andre Menezes
Co-Founder and CEO at Next Gen Foods (Tindle)
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Terry Byrne
Corporate Executive Chef at Elohi Strategic Advisors
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Michelle Wolf
Co-Founder and CEO at New Wave Foods
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Shannon Cosentino-Roush
Chief Strategy Officer at Finless Foods
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