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Helping Restaurants Build a More Sustainable Food System

Nation’s Restaurant News talks with leaders from the Kent Corporation about how the company is working to build a more sustainable food system. Learn how its line of sauces, dressings, soft serve, smoothies and more can help restaurants do more with less. See how the products — offered as shelf-stable dry mixes versus ready-to-serve items — mean reduced shipping costs, fewer trucks on the road and greater efficiency in the kitchen.

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The Kent Corporation is a Family-run business for nearly 100 years, with Kent Precision Foods Group celebrating 31 Years of providing high-quality food, beverage, and ingredients to the foodservice industry. KPFG has a legacy of foodservice experience throughout all of our operating teams, which provide a consistent and extensive line of easy-to-prepare foodservice solutions. Our portfolio of products is well positioned for any channel type, offering “signature: items that not only save time and money but also make it easy to be unique and increase guest satisfaction.