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Why Restaurants Need to Break Down ‘Tech Silos’

Jessica Bryant of NCR talks with Nation’s Restaurant News about how the company is helping restaurants thrive at a time when both “physical and digital boundaries are blurring.” Learn how NCR is helping brands to own both the customer and employee experiences through seamless experiences and unified datasets. Plus, hear why an integrated approach — and avoiding “tech silos” — is key to building an effective tech stack.

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Jessica Bryant
Jessica Bryant
VP of Marketing & Inside Sales, NCR

As Vice President of Marketing & Inside Sales for NCR Hospitality, Jessica Bryant leads marketing direction for NCR’s digital-first restaurant technology portfolio, including building a deep understanding of customers’ changing needs and requirements. She has served in several leadership roles including head of hospitality and retail marketing and has been with NCR since its acquisition of Radiant Systems in 2011. Prior to joining Radiant Systems, Jessica held marketing management positions at Recall, Inc. and the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

Diana Blass
Contributor, Nation’s Restaurant News & Co-Founder, Kurrant Insights

Diana Blass is a journalist and video producer specializing in technology and cultural trends. She is the founder of Diana Blass Productions and a contributor to Nation's Restaurant News. Her work has been featured on Fox Television Stations, the Discovery Channel, CRN, Light Reading and other digital platforms.

NCR helps restaurant brands transform, connect and run their technology platform. Trusted by more than 50 of the top brands, NCR provides deep industry expertise and services with a unified commerce platform that enables brands to delight their customers in every interaction, liberate staff from manual tasks and accelerate innovation.