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How AI Tools Can Optimize Restaurant Kitchens

Ingo Stork of PreciTaste talks with Nation’s Restaurant News during the recent National Restaurant Association Show about why AI isn’t the technology of the future — it’s here now. See how machine-learning in the kitchen can help restaurants streamline operations, support staff and create better experiences for guests.

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Ingo Stork
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, PreciTaste

As the company continues to expand through growth funding, Stork’s mission is to revolutionize the way restaurants operate through a proprietary AI kitchen management solution powered by demand-based predictions and deep learning. He’s responsible for the vision behind the technology setting the new standard for food AI management across the industry. With a Doctor of Science in Machine Learning (TUM), Stork ventured into AI after conducting research for his masters at MIT. In bringing his vision to develop AI to automate the foodservice industry, Stork has invented 40+ patents. He formerly founded and led his own research group at TUM, and has dedicated the past decade to building PreciTaste’s platform that scales existing and new food concepts while driving labor efficiency and reducing food waste.

Hauke Feddersen
Vice President of Operations, PreciTaste

Having joined PreciTaste nearly five years ago, Feddersen is responsible for overseeing project and product teams to bring success to customers' kitchens. Feddersen also leads business initiatives and operational strategies to fulfill PreciTaste’s mission to set the new standard for food AI management across food chains. Feddersen’s combined experience in the software and food industries brings a breadth of operational knowledge to PreciTaste. Prior to joining the team, he was a Project Manager for B2B Software Development at Otto Group, Europe’s largest multichannel retailer, a Managing Director at Wiebold Confiserie, a chocolate factory heavily invested digital process automation, and a Director of Procurement at Tchibo Group where he was responsible for service contracts for 50,000+ coffee makers.

Marlon Gordon
Founder & CEO, NxtGen Network

Marlon is Founder & CEO of NxtGen Network, a creative marketing agency that’s passionate about relationships, telling stories, and empowering others through innovation. He partners with those in Child Nutrition, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and also has an international philanthropical project called NxtGen Cares. Marlon is the co-creator and co-host of First Taste TV™, a show dedicated to connecting companies with their audience through video. Creator and host of Next Up, a talk show that focuses on thought leadership, lead generation, and live engagement. Creator of Ignite, a live hybrid networking and educational event. Host of the Next Up Podcast and Urban School Food Alliance Podcast, And co-creator of digital publications such as Served Digizine and Indulge. Marlon is a visionary, a team builder, and is fueled by a faith that helps him do things others think are impossible.

With 2,500+ food AI systems, PreciTaste is a first-to-market, proprietary AI kitchen management software solution to optimize operations through real-time crew guidance in restaurants spanning across seven food categories. PreciTaste offers out-of-the-box Prep Assistant and Planner Assistant applications for optimizing bulk ingredient prep and order fulfillment with the option to enhance with vision sensing for full-cycle AI management across workstations. By providing crew assistance based on demand predictions for key kitchen tasks, operators see increased labor efficiency and retention, reduced food waste, increased speed-of-service, and, ultimately, profitability.