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Why Speed Scratch Cooking is Key to Managing Restaurant Labor Problems

Brad Nelson of J.T.M. Food Group talks with Nation’s Restaurant news about how strategic value-add ingredients can optimize your restaurant kitchen and revolutionize your menu development. Learn how J.T.M.’s signature beer cheese creates a foundation for culinary innovation while keeping things running smoothly in the back-of-the-house.

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Brad Nelson
Executive Director of Marketing, J.T.M. Food Group

Brad is currently Executive Marketing Director for J.T.M. Food Group, which is the leader in providing kettle-crafted culinary solutions to the foodservice industry. Brad joined J.T.M. after graduating from Ball State University in 1999 with a Marketing and Advertising degree. Brad was promoted to Marketing Director in 2012 after years of working as a sales & marketing assistant and marketing manager. Brad is married to his wife Kelly and has three kids. He enjoys spending time with his family and cheering on the Cincinnati Bearcats, Bengals and Reds.

Marlon Gordon
Founder & CEO, NxtGen Network

Marlon is Founder & CEO of NxtGen Network, a creative marketing agency that’s passionate about relationships, telling stories, and empowering others through innovation. He partners with those in Child Nutrition, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and also has an international philanthropical project called NxtGen Cares. Marlon is the co-creator and co-host of First Taste TV™, a show dedicated to connecting companies with their audience through video. Creator and host of Next Up, a talk show that focuses on thought leadership, lead generation, and live engagement. Creator of Ignite, a live hybrid networking and educational event. Host of the Next Up Podcast and Urban School Food Alliance Podcast, And co-creator of digital publications such as Served Digizine and Indulge. Marlon is a visionary, a team builder, and is fueled by a faith that helps him do things others think are impossible.

J.T.M. Food Group is a forward-thinking food-processing company still rooted in the same principles of the original butcher shop. For four generations, the food professionals at J.T.M. have provided on-trend products and solutions, including sauces, soups, sides, dips, pastas, scrambles, and taco fillings, with the same commitment to integrity and quality we’ve had since the butcher shop days.