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How Automation and 3D Printing are Shaping the Future of Plant-Based Eating

Racheli Vizman, co-founder and CEO of SavorEat, talks with Nation’s Restaurant News about why using tech to boost customization and guest experiences will be key for restaurants to succeed in the future. For SavorEat, that means using robotic, automation and 3D printing to allow diners to create plant-based meals to their exact taste and nutrition specifications, while easing operations and cutting waste for restaurant operators.

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Racheli Vizman
CEO & Co-Founder, SavorEat

Mrs. Vizman is an Executive Leader with rich and diverse experience in the Israeli and global start-up scenes, both in private and public companies at various stages. A serial entrepreneur since a young age, Mrs. Vizman is passionate about innovation and impacting people’s lives through the use of technology.She has held progressive, senior leadership roles, including previously serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Beyond Air, a publicly traded Med-Tech Company. When a medical-related episode greatly restricted her diet several years ago, her health was impacted. Mrs. Vizman immediately shifted her career focus from Med & Bio-Tech to Food-Tech, to solely focus on finding nutritional solutions for preventing health-related challenges.This personal need was the spark behind founding SavorEat, which is a pioneer in the global Food-Tech Revolution, changing the future of food (and which is the first-ever Israeli Food-Tech company to IPO).

Marlon Gordon
Chief Executive Officer, NxtGen Network

Marlon is Founder & CEO of NxtGen Network, a creative marketing agency that’s passionate about relationships, telling stories, and empowering others through innovation. He partners with those in Child Nutrition, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, and also has an international philanthropical project called NxtGen Cares. Marlon is the co-creator and co-host of First Taste TV™, a show dedicated to connecting companies with their audience through video. Creator and host of Next Up, a talk show that focuses on thought leadership, lead generation, and live engagement. Creator of Ignite, a live hybrid networking and educational event. Host of the Next Up Podcast and Urban School Food Alliance Podcast, And co-creator of digital publications such as Served Digizine and Indulge. Marlon is a visionary, a team builder, and is fueled by a faith that helps him do things others think are impossible.