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Jarritos – The Super Good Soda

Jarritos are delicious fruit flavor sodas from Mexico. Primarily sold in iconic glass bottles. The brand offers 13 unique flavors, all made with the highest quality natural flavors and real sugar. Created by Francisco Hill back in 1950, Jarritos has gained a strong consumer base. In fact, Jarritos is the leading brand of imported soft drinks in America and sales are growing much faster than the carbonated soft drink category overall! Jarritos is available in all 50 states. Still Hispanic and privately owned, the brand is now distributed in 40 countries and is the Official Drink of Tacos!
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Christina Anguiano
Marketing Coordinator
Christina Anguiano has been part of the Jarritos family for 20 years. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator, supporting the full marketing spectrum. She supports the Jarritos visions and works with those around her to bring these visions to life.

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